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Inspire and energize your team with the perfect combination between electrifying vehicles and creative team building exercises designed especially for your group.
Build a spirit of cooperation and involvement while you discover Lisbon wonders aboard our eco tuk-tuks.


Sustainable Corporate Events – This is how we do it!

Tuk-Tuk Gastronomic Tour
In Lisbon we eat well and we look good doing it. Our Eco Tuk-Tuks will take you around the most beautiful and interesting quarters of Lisbon, while our drivers will enhance the best views and will take you to the best rustic tascas, restaurants, traditional pastelarias and kiosks, everything you need for a  food-fueled day.

Lisbon Craft Beer Experience
Our mission is to present to you the best beer Made In Portugal. A half-day of a delightful experience: Unique recipes, curious places, local stories, high quality craft beer and all this with a personal driver.
This Program is crafted, not manufactured.

Ports & Views
This program is entirely dedicated to the discovery of a city (in this case the city of Lisbon) through a national premium product whose fame goes beyond borders: The Port Wine.
Amazing belvederes, a European capital full of history, high quality products, we are sure that you will love this activity.

M.A.P. Maps Action and People
This program rocks and you’ll only need a map, a marker and a deck of cards! Each team must find all the points marked in the map in order to discover the places each card belongs to. A city discovery activity with a personal driver, eccentric!

Eco Tuk Paper
Gather your team and discover the city by its history. All the clues your team need will appear from point to point and in each station you’ll have challenges and indications. A fun and competitive challenge that will encourage team spirit.

Tuk-Tuk Challenge
From point to point participants will be facing riddles, crazy and unique challenges and interactions with characters and natives all over Lisbon. Our staff will brief everyone on how to use the Tablet with the Boost App. Afterwards, they’ll be ready to embark on a unique journey!

Choose some add-ons from the list below to improve your corporate experience:

Photo Challenge with Tablet
We are so modern that we’ve even developed an exclusive app for team building events… Check this out:
Boost App will interact with the teams by demanding photo challenges, questions about Lisbon and the Portuguese Culture or even corporate questions (if previously provided).

Photo Challenge with Digital Camera
Each team is given 1 digital camera and a special document containing the photo challenge – a set of mandatory thematic pictures which teams have to perform along the tuk-tuk ride.

Eating Like a Portuguese
Everyone is crazy about our cuisine! We have a selection of degustation experiences prepared for you in some particular places that you can only find in Lisbon.

Message to the Company
A tuk-tuk tour with a surprising  stop. In a beautiful and picturesque location you’ll find all the materials at your disposal to film a great movie with a message to your company, you just need to be creative and Action!

Historical Characters with Degustation
We have some great Portuguese characters to introduce to you. We’ll chose the best belvederes where you’ll find historical figures serving you Portuguese typical products. A good combination of history and tasting.


Eco Tuk-Tuks are an innovative option to promote brands associated with a social responsible dimension. We may be present at conferences, fairs, corporate events and above all, we may promote your brand while driving through the city.
We create and develop thematic tours for your specific event.


Surprise your guests with the originality, fun and comfort of a transfer with Eco tuk-tuks . We go beyond imagination! And as far the road allows…

Customize Your Event

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