The Ecological solution for tours in Lisbon!

We are passionate about Lisbon, and we will share our vision of the capital with you using our eco-friendly tuks.

Welcome to the future of tourism tours! No doubt here: electrical mobility will save the world and that’s why we want you to discover Lisbon’s culture while you take care of our capital by choosing the eco-friendly tuks.

Our mission is to take visitors around the city in an ecological and sustainable way. Lisbon is the self-proclaimed E-Tuk capital of Europe. Our smooth, 100% electric and pollution-free vehicles are already a lot more famous than Madonna.

Inspired by a positive energy we’ve created the most particular and exciting tour experiences aboard these “green” vehicles. In case you didn’t notice, Lisbon has 7 hills and if you’ve been missing the gym lately, maybe it is a good idea to blink an eye to our tuk-tuk driver and ask him/her to take you on your dream tour.

Oh, by the way, our company was the first to introduce those eco-friendly tuk-tuks in Lisbon so, yes, we’re the best.

  • Lisbon is the self-proclaimed E-Tuk capital of Europe.

  • Eco Tuk Tours Lisboa was the first company in Portugal to introduce the eco-friendly tuk-tuks.

  • Tuk tuks got their name from the sound that the earliest models make. The engine makes a ‘tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk’ sound!

  • Eco Tuk Tours Lisboa provides the best tourism experiences in a sustainable way”




Boost Portugal combines innovative projects of tourism animation, alternative means of transportation and technology. Since 2008 we have been building several successful brands, streamlining and promoting Portugal, Spain and the US.

We started to boost tourism in Lisbon with the GoCar brand, known by many as the “convertible yellow carts”. These tricycles were the first bet of a project that quickly found other alternatives for those who visit the city.

Over the years we have launched activities with segways, electric bikes, scooters, buggies, interactive tablet technology, innovative team building solutions, electric tuk-tuks, food tours, live escape games amongst many other projects.

Currently we hold 12 brands of tourism animation globally and we reach more than 600,000 people annually worldwide.